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CPR+ is now at


CPR+ is now at

Discover the latest innovations in Home Medical Equipment software

The nation’s leading HME and DME providers rely on Mediware to manage their complex workflows, payer requirements, and patient compliance. Now the best features of CPR+ are in our latest solution, CareTend. See why CPR+ HME customers just like you have already made the switch to CareTend!

Save hours each week by eliminating manual reporting tasks and accessing custom analytics tools that let you see into your data like never before.

Grow your collections and reduce DSO with CareTend’s billing tools that ensure clean claim submission the first time.

Easily locate patient records and get the answers you need in less time with CareTend’s paperless document management.

Accurately track the true cost of doing business so that you only submit bids that will make you profitable.

Keep your business on track by using CareTend’s queue-based workflow, which gives you a complete view of all orders that are currently in progress using a single dashboard tool.

CareTend Anywhere mobile technology allows your staff to access the application from any location and device so that you can easily manage patient data, deliveries, and track information in real time.

Whether you have a single location or multiple company sites, CareTend tracks your inventory in real-time so that you always know your actual inventory counts without the guesswork.

Streamline your point-of-sale operations without expensive hardware start-up costs.